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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Can’t Keep up Traffic? A Simple Trick to Get High traffic

Trick to Boost Traffic

Are you finding it hard to keep constant Traffic on your blog?

Have you done All the Tricks You Read on Internet?
Don’t worry if you are making just 100-200 Visitors to visit your blog daily.

Today I am going to Share a Little Secrete How you can make Lots of traffic in one simple step. That you can use Daily and generate lots of traffic for your blog/ website.

Before telling you the actual Trick let me Just Ask You, Have you tried all the methods of getting traffic to your blog? And Did They Really Work?

I am not talking about SEO and SEM or any Optimization techniques, these techniques get traffic that’s a sure thing there is no doubt.

There is lots of Techniques Telling you how to get traffic to your blog.

Here are some of the Article Online That You Must Visit

OK, if you have Done Reading the above articles Let Get Back to My Trick to Get Massive Traffic to your Website on daily Basis.

So Every One have Heard of Google plus Right? Off-course you have.

There are Millions of Communities on Google Plus and one More Good thing now they introduced is Google Hangout.

Here Comes the Trick that will get you a Massive Traffic.......

Steps To Get Massive Traffic

  1. First Join Communities belonging to the same niche as yours with a minimum of 10,000 Members in it. There is no difficulty finding them it’s quite simple just do a community search related to your niche and you will be provided with a list of communities.
  2. If you able to find 10 communities with 10,000 members that will be 1 lakh’s members in total to whom you promote your link. 
  3. So Let’s Say out of 10,000 members only 200-300 visited your 1 link that you shared with them in the community.

So calculating an estimate by 10 communities with 300 daily visits will get you around 3,000 unique visitors per day.

Now How to keep that Flow Coming for a long period of time?

Simply Just share Your Best Article link in a duration of a 5-6 hours because if you give out all your links in one day. You will get lots of traffic but it won’t last for more than 2-3 days.

So I hope this trick will surly work for you as it does it for so many other bloggers.

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How to Use Face-book and Google+ More Effectively

Traffic From Google plus and Facebook
Google Plus and Facebook For Traffic 

Hello forks, today I am going to explain how to use face-book and Google+ more effectively for generating lots of traffic to your website and blog.

Ok, firstly the most important thing before start promoting your website article on Google plus and Face-book is having good SEO articles. For making Good article with proper SEO work you can work around your Targeted Keywords, Top paying Keywords, and can insert them into your blog articles.
Once you have done this, as soon as your blog is live on the internet within 60 seconds your article will be indexed in the Google Search Engine directory.

Now talking about How to Use Face-book more effectively

Face-book Tactics for Generating Traffic

Face-book as you know is the biggest social-networking site that bring about every person in the world online and keeps them connected to share stuff and views etc.
So, taking about how to actually make these many people visit your blog and make you a rich man.

Face-book Fan Page

Everyone knows that making an fb fan page can drive lots of traffic to your blog. And this is true, but making the fan page at the right time is more important. 
For this, after you have managed to gather around 10-15 article on your blog/website you can start working on your fb fan page and getting likes.

Engaging with People

Engage with other people working on the same niche as you are, this will help you get more contact and get high amount of traffic to you blog.

Share and Re-share

Third, just getting like to your fan page will not ensure traffic to your blog. Ask other people to share and re-share your blog post this will make your blog article more circulate into the huge pile of people.
Share others blog post links also this will make a strong relations with others.

So, these were the points how you can make most out of Face-book.

Now let’s talk about how to Use Google + More Effectively

Google plus Tactics for Generating Traffic

As we all know Google Plus is one of the most traffic generating place from which a blogger can make a fortune.  Using it more effectively can help you make money as well as name for your blog.

Share on Google+

Share your article on Google plus, this will get you first of all one instant hit from and second will increase your page-views within a minute

Joining Communities

Google plus have lots of communities that share same interest as of yours. Join them and share with them. People will surly visit your blog in an instant.

Tip:- Join Communities with high number of members this will generate more traffic to your blog by just sharing one blog post.

Don’t Just Share, Engage Also

Yes, just keep sharing your article will not make a good impression on others. Try to +1 one other shared things and comment on their post. This will make more engaging outcomes for your blog.
So, these are some really good Tactic that you as a blogger can opt in and can make huge traffic to your blog/website.
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

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Do's And Don'ts For A Newbie Bloggers

Do's and Don'ts for a Blogger
Do's and Don'ts for a Blogger

Hello Forks, Mistakes are the part of the life, and without it no one can get successful. Every Big personality has done something wrong on the starting stages from which they learn and got bigger and better.

So, the same thing with the blogger, we do mistakes and learn from it and then make ourselves better. As a newbie blogger I myself have made so many mistakes and from that I learned some things that today I am going to share with you all.

What Are the Do’s for a Newbie blogger

  1. First of all a new blog should have a Good SEO Blogger or word press template. Having a well SEOed Template will ensure faster ranking in Google Search Engines.
  2. Second, don’t change your blog template too often, most of the blogger are confused on which template suites their blog the most and keep on changing it too often. Don’t do that.
  3. Third, in early stages don’t think about getting high traffic all at once, first of all make some good quality article then start promoting blog.
  4. Fourth, Find Back-links in the early stages, this will make your blog grow faster and get good rank from the starting
  5. Fifth, optimize your blog for Mobile viewing, most of the visitor visit sites from their mobile too. Doing this on the starting stage will ensure you get the best traffic from mobile also.

What are the don’t for a Newbie Bloggers

There are always pros and cons to blogging so here are some DO NOT DO for newbie bloggers

  1. First, Never Buy Paid domain on the very start of your blogging career. This is because you never know that if the blog will be a success or not. And you don’t want to waste your money on a non-starter
  2. Second, Never buy paid traffic from any source from internet. This is because when you will go for Google Ad sense or any other monetizing site you will face problems.
  3. Third, don’t just rush into start making money from your blog just yet because putting ads at the starting will make the visitor feel that you just want to make money from your blog
  4. Fourth, Never Get Ego in talking to other bloggers. Talking to other pre-established bloggers will help you to make new contact very fast and soon you can feel the profit of that.
  5. Fifth, Never think to compete with other bloggers of the different niche or sometime same niche bloggers. This is because getting into competition will make you no good on the starting stages.

Its good to First learn from other bloggers and then make your own establishment strong.

So these were some of the Do’s and Don’ts for a newbie bloggers. Hope this will help you and other newbie bloggers.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

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How to Setup Blogger Blog

How to Setup Blogger Blog
How to Setup Blogger Blog

Hello forks, as promised I am here with my article on “How to Setup Blogger Blog”. Well most of the newbie bloggers have always been confused how to get started with the blogging thing.
They always here that it’s very easy and free. But when they start to get into it they find it difficult to setup their own blog and get going.

So, today we learn in detail how to get going for starting your own blog. On platform. First of all Understand that, is directly linked with and requires a Gmail account to get going.

 So you already have a Gmail account right? If Not, Just go to and sign up for a new account.  After creating a Gmail account, visit site.

Blogger Login
Blogger Setup Log-in 

A page will be opened to link your Gmail account with the site. Just Enter your Email id and password to proceed.

A new page will open which will allow you to start you own blog. And have all the information about the total no. Of blog you have .

New Blog
New Blog Information

As you can see this is already setup blog of Blogger Stop.

 To Create A New Blog simple click on New Blog Button on the left hand side.

Blog Name and URL setup
Blog Name and URL setup 

On this Page you have to insert your Blog Title, Blog address URL and choose a template for your blog. You can edit your blog template on the later stages.

Just click Create Blog and you are Done!!!!!

So this article come to an end while giving you a brief description about how to setup your own blog.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

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Starter Guide for Newbie Bloggers

Starter Guide for Newbie Bloggers

Hello forks, well let’s see you are here to find out how to start your blogging career and how can you become successful while working in the field Right? Off-course, Ok, as you are a total newbie and know very less about blogging and stuff around it, let’s take this article from the very starting for a blogger.
Ok let’s rock and roll.

For a beginner it’s really important to understand which blogging host to choose from. There are only two major platforms to Choose from first is the and the Second is off-course Most of the top ranked bloggers advice to choose for your blogging career, I say different , most of the newbie blogger do not have money to invest in blogging and requires to invest money right from the starting to buy hosting and other features of it.

Ok, so I will basically talk about in this article because it’s free and easy to setup and start making blog post.

We will discuss on “How to Setup Blogger Blog” in our next article. For now let’s talk about on about what things as a newbie blogger you should keep in mind.

For a beginner it’s really important to decide which niche to opt for working into. Now a day’s most of the newbie bloggers are getting in Blogging Niche. Yes Blogging itself has been converted into a niche. But How? Let’s take the example of this blog only this is a blog to help other bloggers into their blogging career. So, this became a blogging Niche blog by default.
Now a day’s mostly the new blogs that come online is blogging niche based because it got lots of potential of making money online.

Ok, which are the Niches to choose from?

There are many

  1.       Fashion
  2.       Insurance 
  3.       Jobs search
  4.       Technology
  5.        Relations
  6.        Web Development 

These are some of the profitable blogging niches in 2014. So you can choose from these. If you are not comfortable with the above niche don’t worry there are lots of other small niches to choose from to start your own blog.

What about Investing Money in the Starting Stages?

No, not a good idea at all. This is the main reason I recommend to use for a newbie blogger it’s free and do not need any technical expertise.

An experience of minimum three months are needed before you can think about investing into blogging, this is because in three month you get an idea to continue blogging or not.

Mostly once you started one blog and when thinking about fully getting into it you can invest money for buying domain name for your new well established blog.

This will get you up and running with profitable blog in less than a week.

So, this a basic Over view for a newbie blogger lets quick recap what we have

>> First Choose over

>> Second Don’t Invest Money in the Starting Stage

>>Third choose any blogging niche you are comfortable with to work on

See you on the Next article.......... Plz Share. Thanks 
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